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A mystical book by Azsacra Zarathustra «The Great Dragon»

Mystic illustrations by Andre Koté

18 In the photo- an artist-madman Andre Koté.

In the photo: an artist-madman Andre Koté


Death of Humanism and Death of the Poet by Azsacra & Thomas Fortenberry


Our era is the era of the death of Humanism. The death of humanism is the death of the Poet. The form a fearless intuitive soul is only capable to betray.

The talented young Indian poet Sumirasko has died in this most tragic point of time. He has died before a new world war and the atomic destruction of the world! He has died courageously and without prayers.

Sumirasko had a presentiment of Death and therefore hurried to protect and justify Good, as contrary to an evil century full of cowardly writers and indifferent modern literature.

I am sure that his death is sacrificial and symbolic! The death of the poet against humanistic death! Or, if to speak more precisely, this is a literal death and literary warning to all of us: if you don’t support good, love, and justice, then these fragile, “mysterious things” will be forever destroyed.

Yes, the new aggressive human evil, really, comes nearer. The world precipitously becomes cruel and forces out words of good too helplessly and poems of compassion too late.


Sumirasko has tried to reflect this inexpressible grief by means of literary synthesis of the thoughts of different writers and humanists in his latest book, under the title A Treatise on Human Nature.

From the point of view of Sumirasko: the Justification of the Good ― it is not an “outdated condition,” but always the New Categorical Imperative of every true Rebellion from within.

Sumirasko has completely supported Leo Tolstoy’s conclusion: “I am seriously convinced that the world is ruled by complete lunatics.” Here is another quote that is also appropriate: “If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear.” (Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961)

Sumirasko is dead… but not from fear. It is the sudden rebellious death of young heroic heart ― Absolute break!

Yes, dear brother, I accept your deadly warning. I will always remember your poetry and feel your pain. And I will continue the incessant and uncompromising struggle against the inhuman, lying, dictatorships of this world, as well as against those bastards-governors who want new world war and millions of new corpses. Any “aggressive conservatism” must be Annihilated!

Its lies stifle life!

Azsacra Zarathustra (2018)


A poem for Sumirasko

Redder than blood
But just as unmixed with water
Cinnamon sits atop my tea
Floating, swirling, thinking
Like the words of your poetry
Gently brushing the top of my soul
But that hot water burns
Deeper and deeper
The meanings of your thoughts
Sink, like honey
Through the murky layers
Nothing to see
But everything to taste, to savor
And just like a cup of favorite tea
It is always time to enjoy another sip
Of your words, your soul

(Thomas Fortenberry, 2018)

NihillihiN, or Against Any Type of the System by Karilaz Rudhsós


«I am not a philosopher, but the destroyer of all philosophies and any theoretical systems. I am not a rightist, but the destroyer of all right-wing ideas. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. In equal measure I deny every order and every chaos as well as I absolutely deny any “human negation”. Why? I wish to be only a Yes-sayer in the most rebellious infinity of an intuitive Yes to Life.»

Azsacra Zarathustra, NihillihiN

One of the most preoccupying aspects of modern times is the naturalized need to impose the noumenic concept as replace of the very phenomenic reality; this is: the need to put tags in everything that is perceptible, but mainly and firstly in ourselves.

We enjoy to define what we think “we are” from our preferences, our external appearance, likes and interests in socially defined tags and make them pass as if they were a totally plastic and inorganic “US”.

Many groups of post-left theoric perspectives have tried to sweep ideological binarisms imposed in the collective by the ideological-metaphysical machinery of oppression engrained in the society’s collective consciousness; believing naively that oppression ends eradicating old social imposed tags and imposing new ones created by reivindicative groups. But that is not the case, being that if there isn’t a well needed epistemic consideration of their own intentions, they incur in a conceptual trasvaluation, instead of a complete liberation of the subject from noumenic tags. Moreover they neglect and ignore the true enemy, that is not what is imposed collectively itself, but rather the system that impose what is imposed.


With the ever growing social unrest and political-economic chaos of the global stage; arise new types of resistances against all impositions. We could define these resistances as expressions of an individual and collective spirit chained by piles of limitations.

This spirit, on its rage against repression, seeks to destroy an inhumane system of exploitation and death, nevertheless, I’m afraid that without a good meditation on: “What comes after the destruction of the system?”, we could fall into a posteriori instauration of a new system with just a different ethos.

The real liberation can only be found seeking to destroy every limitation that chains the freedom of every being, not only human, but any living being. Not in a system, but in a free way of living in a becoming without any ideal that only yells: Yes to Life.


I have studied Azsacra’s material since some time ago, and I think of him as a very cultured person, always looking to acquire many types of knowledge, or “Weapons” as he calls it, against the system.

I could not classify him into a left-right political binarism, being that the true polarity abolition doesn’t encroach to the sides, but rather upwards, in the shape of ideological transcendence.

I have seen him take aesthetic elements from here and there, but without soaking himself on what those elements represent. Azsacra takes the weapons of Fascism to destroy Fascism, and those of Communism to destroy Communism. Id est: Azsacra’s TDAS is the Theory of the Destruction of All Systems! Without exception!


Unlike other critical authors from the XXI Century, I would say Azsacra has an advantage of not being married to any ideological perspective, and this makes him more effective on its goal; which is the eradication of the “System” itself (understood as oppression of any kind), since he doesn’t have to be ideologically attached to any conventionalism. In other words, it is Zero-criticism/Anti-4, or against 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

If I do this kind of reviews on his material, it’s because I think is relevant, in so as much Azsacra digest perfectly a synthesis of a lot of knowledge, that being not understood through his own “shock” philosophy, would take a great amount of effort amalgamating itself in our own minds through unaccountable reading and experience.

Again, I recommend vastly the reading of his philosophy. Not as much as an evangelic intent, trying to convert and subdue ideologically into his perspective, but rather to get to know another window on which we could see the same global outlook with different eyes.

Plakat_Tabula Rasa_LITTLE


Karilaz Rudhsós is a Mexican nihilist, anarchical thinker, free fighter. Rudhsós was born on 22 March 1988. Was studying at Universidad de Guadalajara (Estados Unidos Mexicanos).

Utopia-2: Liberated Zones
The End Of The Society Of The Spectacle
Japanese Paris 68
Earth Without Ideologies
Tabula Rasa as The Revolution

Utopia as Weapon — An Interview with Azsacra Zarathustra


Futu Muhu festival’s Communication Manager Helen Merila (HM) is having an ongoing web-interview with Andrei Azsacra (A) and here are some snippets of it.

Andrei Azsacra or Azsacra Zarathustra or A is a Russian rebellious thinker, filmmaker and poet-mystic. The creator of philosophical concepts The Shunya Revolution, The Absolute Revolution, Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism, TDAS (The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems), NihillihiN, Übernoumen, Over Without a Man etc.

HM: Can you tell about the project you will be presenting this year in Muhu?

A: Yes, of course.

HM: So you will be presenting the film Utopia in the festival, right?

A: Utopia and MATE IN 3 (Chess With Death) — it is my main film!


HM: I have heard that among other themes you are inspired by Nietzsche’s philosophy and the main trigger for both these pieces seems to be the global violence and maltreatment of animals (one of the issues that also struck Nietzsche). What is the main impulse behind these two films?

A: No. It not so, or rather not exactly so. I never am inspired by people. I am the most ruthless enemy of Nietzsche and others… Draconian ) This movie is just an old debt of Eternal Pain. I am a cogitative fighter of the attacking Void, and nothing more. For no one.

I am not a philosopher, but the destroyer of all philosophies and any theoretical systems. I am not a rightist, but the destroyer of all right-wing ideas. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. In equal measure I deny every order and every chaos as well as I absolutely deny any “human negation”. Why? I wish to be only a Yes-sayer in the most rebellious infinity of an intuitive Yes to Life.

HM: Hmm.. can we really ever be sure that we are not inspired by anyone? Even subconsciously? Btw this is my dream to get rid of the influences of others to become across myself, get rid of the ego. But is this really possible? With which means can the constructed reality be beaten?

A: Is everything an illusion? Yes, everything is an illusion of an illusion, everything is a copy of a copy, but only you alone will die in reality.

Nothing on Nothing: Believe nothing. Nothing is true. Nothing is real. Nothing matters. But the bird will always kill the Buddha, if the Buddha replaces a bird.


HM: I absolutely agree that everything is an illusion and that we know nothing or rather are mislead by false knowing so the only solution would be to deconstruct everything down to nothingness. But the question remains — how can this illusion be overcome? With which means?

A: It is necessary to break every system as politics and continuation of any type of thinking (philosophy par excellence). After that to destroy every body and, first of all, our brain. We shouldn’t wait for spiritual enlightenment, but force satori to kill samadhi, and samadhi to destroy satori (Dragons of Horror kill dragons of fear). And it at every moment of existence of time and space… The most active strategy of the Enlightenment For No One and For None. Beyond the Beyond!

Rebellion is best Wisdom in your Body! The Absolute Break of the Spirit! Thus Spoke Zarathustra: “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

HM: OK I totally relate to that but what can actually be done (besides spreading the word via art and literature)?

A: The Absolute Revolution: 0 →↑← 0 There are no folks. There are no free people — only slavish masses per se. High and low. Masses is created for (geo)political ideas which devour masses. There and everywhere! Not new spaces, new live bodies are a Great Meal of geopolitics. Hot endless food for rotten thought and fetid power of bastards. Folks is but a hot meal.

HM: Do you think that one person can cancel or win over the whole cultural history full of mistakes?

A: Yeah. Exactly so. The true rebel doesn’t need any folk (crowds, masses etc.). He is itself: — and god, and soil, and race. Real enlightenment are rebellious satori/samadhi against all “human definitions” — Enlightened Anarchy!

In point of fact there is no human history: bastards at the beginning, bastards in the middle, and bastards at the end. Therefore we don’t need predictable systemic heroes, conservative politicians and government thinkers. We need only forever rebellious overunpredictable beings and essences. Contrary to all rules of the damned spirit of “political gravity”!

It is inevitable that the New System of strongest dictatorships will beget absolutely unpredictable spiritual revolutions as well as the most hidden permutation of all rebellious particles at once.

In other words: three deaths inevitably create premise for the Absolute Revolution: — death of humanism/love, death of justice, and death of freedom. It is a battle for Absolute Freedom — any conservatism must be annihilated!

Not the devil, but the lackey (холоп) is the most executive and industrious murderer on a mass scale. I don’t love the devil. I don’t love demons. I don’t love god. I don’t love angels. I don’t love people. I don’t love heroes. I don’t love cowards. I don’t love!

Plakat_MATE IN 3_2_BIG

HM: What do you mean by Intuitive Yes to Life? When is it possible?

A: A rebellious intuitive Yes to Life against all rules of “will to power”. The conservative “will to power” as the political dictatorial Absolute is Absolute Treachery of real Enigmatic Life and Secrets of the Eternal Rebellion. A highest revolutionary Enigma is only a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life! The unstoppable Will to Life as the Absolute Revolution in infinity…

He, who make an unceasing brave attack from within Death versus Death by means of the most dangerous point of the Zero to Power in Shunyarevolution, — really operates The Absolute Revolution with the help of a strongest holy Yes to Life in infinity…

Id est: The quintessence of a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life is the Absolute Revolution as the Will to Life against any type of the state as such and against every type of “power” as the very same damned “spirit of gravity” per se. Imperial agressive idiots will never be able to stop breakneck speed of a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life. Therefore I speak: be free even in Absolute Freedom!

HM: Your work has been published in different countries. How has your practical philosophy or magic of thought been perceived in different cultures? For example if you compare the United States and India?

A: Here is three different opinions:

“Ideas are dangerous… Azsacra Zarathustra’s philosophy is not for any hypocritical movement. It’s more like occult science which experiments on our minds…” — Raju Parulekar, a legend in Indian journalism

“Perhaps Azsacra changes per the observer, like an electron being everywhere and nowhere or behaving like a particle and a wave simultaneously. He is like a gateway, doorway, or portal, a physical and metaphysical thing all at once. He is right here, rooted in the wall of our world, and yet, he is simply a portal to somewhere else. You can see the other side through the doorway…” — Thomas Fortenberry, an award-winning American author, editor, reviewer, and publisher

“It is quite possible that a lobotomy would cure this evil Overthinker. Perhaps, to kill Azsacra Zarathustra — the Ultimate Moksha.” — Anil CS Rao, an Indian artist and writer

Helen Merila

Helen Merila

The Metaphysics of The Absolute Revolution by Lukas Kubena


First time readers to the works of Azsacra Zarathustra may find his writing to be cryptic, opaque, and shrouded in a language that can strike the reader as otherworldly. This however does not dismiss the overall importance of Azsacra Zarathustra’s message nor the profound insights contained within his books. Among the most fundamental teachings of Zarathustra is that of the Absolute Revolution, his great proclamation to the world which is a recurring theme in all of his major works. The purpose of the essay is to help readers, particularly in Anglophone nations, have a better understanding and comprehension of Azsacra’s thinking and his philosophy of “Over.”

First and foremost, it should be understood that the Absolute Revolution taught by Azsacra Zarathustra is a spiritual revolt, and pays no attention to the quibbling of political ideologues. Would be revolutionaries will be disappointed to find out that the Doctrine of the Absolute Revolution demands that one look inward before any great change in the world can come about. It is a rejection of all political ideologies and economic doctrines. It seeks to establish no state, rather it is against states. It adheres to no system of thought, as it is a rejection of all systems.


In this way, the Absolute Revolution can be seen as a kind of anarchism, but even that is not quite accurate. If it is a form of anarchism, it is an anarchism that goes beyond and precedes from itself. It advocates the supremacy of the sovereign man and woman and is firmly against any system or way of thinking that would seek to chain their freedom and their spirit to any strict way of ideological reasoning. However, the political dimension is only one aspect of the Absolute Revolution. There exists a much more deeper, profound, and esoteric side of this uniquely spiritual revolt as we shall soon see.

Azsacran philosophy can be said to drawn from a number of European thinkers; namely Nietzsche, Heidegger, Camus, and Junger. However it is Nietszche’s idea of the Overman that serves as a recurring element within his works. The figure of the Overman however, is not as Nietzsche believed, the end point of a higher type of man. Rather the Overman is the beginning of a process which has no conceivable end and is a Holy challenge to oblivion itself.


As well as drawing from European philosophy, first time readers will notice the ever recurring imagery of Hindu gods and symbols such as the swastika. Indian philosophy plays a major part of Azsacra Zarathustra’s thought, especially the Hindu concept of Shunya.

Shunya is a Sanskrit word that translates into “zero” or “nothing” and is derived from the word Sunyata which itself usually translates into “emptiness.” The difference between Shunya and Sunyata is minor but significant. For the purposes of the essay, Sunyata will be associated the passive asceticism of Buddhism while Shunya is associated with active and dynamic meditative techniques advocated by Azsacra Zarathustra.

Two key concepts that play into the doctrine of Absolute Revolution are Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. While at first these phrases may come off as cryptic and ambiguous, more accurately translated they become Shunya to Power and Sunyata to Supremacy, respectively.


Nothing and Emptiness in this case are not abstract concepts, but are used to describe real concrete ideas. The thinking behind the Absolute Revolution lies in the belief of acosmism, or the belief that the world is “Maya” or illusory. Behind the veil of Maya however, lies the true nature of reality which is a Void that stretches out ad infinitum. The purpose of the teachings of the Absolute Revolution allow one to become the one with the Void, and eventually subdue it upon reaching a state of Beyond-being. The principles of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy are two paths that one must master in order to reach what Azsacra calls the “Magic Zero Point,” which he asserts was first predicted by the German thinker Ernst Junger. The Zero Point represents a fissure, but not a finality as we might otherwise understand it.

To break through the Zero Point requires what Azsacra calls the Absolute Break of the Spirit. It is only by pushing ones will to near impossible extremes can one even hope to reach the Zero Point. In order for this to occur, one must have complete control over one’s own conscious actions which can only be achieved by undergoing ego-death. It is by the elimination of the ego, viz., the earthly chains that bind one to the world of illusion, is one’s Atman or true-self, free to ascend to the Zero-point and upon achieving the Absolute Break of the Spirit, ascend further upwards into the Void.


The Magic Zero Point is a threshold, it represents the shedding off of our human-all-too-human nature and it can be likened to the “going Over” that Nietzsche wrote of in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. However one can not go Over, by which I mean ascend upward to the Zero Point, without having broken the binds of the Spirit of Gravity, a phrase also coined by Nietzsche.

While we are on the subject of Nietzsche, let us return to the Overman who plays a prominent role in the methodology of the Absolute Revolution. Nietzsche once wrote that Man was a bridge leading from ape to Overman. In the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra, the Overman is the axiom that leads to something even higher, the Overnoumen. The way to the Overnoumen is long and difficult and can only be attained first by an Over-without-Man.


There is an esoteric quality to the word “Over” as it occurs in the works of Azsacra. Over in this case refers to a noumenon that can be interpreted as a kind of force of will or a going-upwards that is independent of human connotations, hence its use in “Over-without-a-Man.” What Over is not however a kind of essence or spirit, but closer to a Platonic form as its true “nature” is beyond-being and Transcendent. Indeed, one only becomes an Over-without-Man after one has surpassed even the Overman, thus implying that one must shed ones earthly binds in order to reach this state of being. It can be assumed that this state occurs only after one has broken through the Magical Zero-point as to even get this far would require a near inhuman amount of mental and physical discipline. However, the bridge from Overman to Over-without-a-Man to Overnoumen only becomes far more perilous from here on out.

Herein lies the much more esoteric and eschatological nature of Azsacra Zarathustra’s teachings. For like the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the works of Azsacra can also be read as a postmortem guidebook into the blackest reaches of the unknown, helping the newly deceased overcome even death itself! However, it should be said that one’s journey into the Void is far from perilous, and I would even write that only those who have achieved an Absolute Break of the Spirit could even begin to challenge the Wheel of Samsara head on.


However Azsacra Zarathustra boldly proclaims “Death Against Death!” Indeed, a whole eschatology can be written about the struggle that comes after ones own earthly demise. Azsacra proclaims the “victory of the corpse” and while it can first strike one as vague or even macabre, there is a hidden meaning to this grim proclamation if one has eyes to read deeper into it. The corpse achieves it’s victory over its conquest of inaction, for in Indian thought inaction is also a form of action. The Yoga of Death allows the corpse to carry onward into the Void towards its liberation. Of liberation, I do not speak of the Moksha of the Hindu’s or even the Nirvana of the Buddhist’s, for Nirvana is just one plateau of many that the Over-without-Man must climb as he ascends upwards toward the Zero-point and finally Overnoumen.


Finally, let us return to the paramount concept that defines the core of Azsacra Zarathustra’s thought: the idea of Nothing.

The German existentialist Martin Heidegger wrote that our condition of Being-in-the-World, our “Dasein” (literally Here-Being), is defined by our state of having been thrust into the world through no fault of our own, only to grow up into an environment and circumstances that were not of our choosing and only to be faced with the inevitability of death. Heidegger commented on this reality, having termed it our natural fear towards “Das Nicht” (German: The Nothing”), the same Nothing that is the framework for the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra.


Azsacra has realized this, but rather than respond as Heidegger did in an almost passive way of confronting Das Nicht, Azsacra wants us to embrace the Nothing, seize hold of it, and use it as a way to attain higher and higher levels of self over-becoming. In a word: Nothing to Power!

The idea of Nothing is perhaps the most overriding theme in the works of Azsacra Zarathustra. As we have discussed earlier, Nothing in this case is inseparable from its relationship to the Void which exists outside of material reality. To quote Zarathustra,

“Nothing it is delusion, if it is not the Nothing to Power! Emptiness – is insufficiently empty, if it is not the Emptiness to Supremacy!”


A passive nothingness, a kind of self-defeating nihilism or the stillness of non-existence is not the Nothing to Power advanced by Azsacra Zarathustra. Rather, an active nihilism is necessary, a nihilism that goes beyond itself; that recognizes the meaninglessness of all values, doctrines, ideologies, and “ism’s” that human beings can think up. The Nothing to Power is an affirmation of the meaninglessness of the world, but instead of despairing in life’s absence of an inherent purpose, we should embrace the Nothing and seek to avow the Emptiness as a way to revolt against the world of illusion, which has always been built upon values and laws that have never had any inherent meaning anyway.

In conclusion, what can we take away from the philosophy of Azsacra? We are presented with a new view of life that is never afraid to shout an eternal Yes! no matter how bleak and despondent things may seem. It is through the works of this new Zarathustra, who like his Nietzschean namesake, proclaims a vision of the world by which we cannot only overcome, but also go Over.


The path laid out for us by Azsacra is far from easy, however in a world were all schools of philosophy have been reduced to echo chambers forever repeating the same old human-all-too-human catchphrases and slogans that have long since lost any meaning, the works of Zarathustra offer us a breathe of fresh air and demand of us to ask to questions about the nature of our existence that one would never be confronted with in the stuffy halls of faux pas intellectuals.

Perhaps the most important lesson that he has to teach us is to keep looking upwards and to strive to reach new and higher states of being and self-overbecoming. To gnash at and break the earthly bonds of existence that bind and constrain all that we can become, denying us the potential to go Over, forever Over! For it is not our place to merely accept the Nothing and be taken willingly by the Void, viz., we should rage against it and not simply be content to stare into the Abyss, but to go through and emerge harder and stronger than we could have ever believed.

“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker”


Lukas Kubena is an aspiring writer with an interest in Western and perennial philosophy. His fields of focus include history, the nature of religion, metaphysics, Being, metapolitics, sociology, cultural criticism and the Primordial Tradition. He currently resides in Buda, Texas, in the United States.

The Absolute Revolution & The Zero Beyond Zeros by Zach Irvin


It had been about four years since I was first introduced to the [OVER] philosophy of master mystic, Azsacra; Hollow, as he is; (for life speaks through him) he’s correct when he states that the absolute revolution is very very, soon!

People will not be able to shake this innate fear that has been programmed into them by the system, but there’s still hope, “DRAGONS OF HORROR DEVOUR DRAGONS OF FEAR!” Azsacra;

So how do we bring this [OVER] philosophy of nil to will = to life beyond life..? We remain empty, pure in intent, accepting all life AS IS, and demanding a more vicious weapon for the lightening beyond man!

The time for absolute revolution is nigh, due to man’s diseased thoughts inevitably leading to the demise of this planet, if we don’t change! We must first destroy the destroyers; and destroy the systematic byproduct, and thought process of the 21st-century/modern era that has turned the stock of humans into robots…

The mind of the human is going to have to exit the shell… This is displayed beautifully, and without flaw in the beyond [OVER] spiritual revolt! Time, and time again the Aeons have warned us that this “time” is NOW! The [OVER] without man! NO “thing” to power! Not power to nothing!

With this [OVER] philosophy, and the absolute life that resides within us; we will not fade into obscurity, rather spring into life beyond life, the absolute life… Where the swastikas of life destroyed the swastikas of death…

This has already happened… Soon the masses will awaken, or otherwise sleep eternally.. A mind like mine is inclined towards darkness, but in that darkness the lightning of life shatters all constructs…

No matter how far I’ve dug…
No matter what form comes to mind… No matter what art displayed… Azsacra, who is a master at the art of the [OVER] life remains the most pure, and divinely strong, wrathfully, and furiously alive Lightening bolt of immense power that I’ve ever come across…


Breaking, shattering, and reforming the spirit… Whilst dispelling the [OVER] polar opposite! Bringing absolute life to life, feeding life to life, and feeding death to death! We are considered the worms amongst men! Life has struck us down; and now we bloom amongst thunderous flowers in absolute life…

Every step the mystic Kshatriya takes is one of pure rebellion… An absolute yes to life, no matter how ugly it is… Accepting nothing of this world by becoming masters of it!

The lying life [Stolen from the OVER] of this programed, and fraudulent, untrammeled rationalism; this decaying bitch of a system WILL by NilWill ignite the hearts of the awakened, and burn the chaff…

Pain, and suffering is merely an illusion; a suffering one endures through exiting the system.. And reclaiming the authenticity of the individual creative, [OVER] mind… This is the most powerful way to go about it…

Azsacra remains a man of many “masks”, if one’s trying to dissect such from him, he’ll find NO “thing”, he is pure life, and behind such falsely presumed, “masks” lies no face…

Life is swooped with furious joy, from those skies beyond, by the birds of prey above, bringing with them the lightning of the [OVER] and the cries of the [OVER] without man will echo eternally…

Zero is not a number it is a weapon! We must use the absolute revolution, and break of spirit to reach beyond the beyond! With these weapons we become the lightenings beyond man! To become the lightening of life yields the thunderous roar beyond life’s lie!

We must safeguard our hearts from the monsters, and demons of the Kali Yug! Our thunder will shake them down into dust… The evil of this world will find no place to dwell… With this revolt we will use evil against evil; thus will they be delivered the evil they have caused…

The future looks bright, beyond comprehension! With the roaring steps of the rebellious Kshatriya, with the master of it all, Azsacra… We march forward without fear in our chests! We (the soldiers of the absolute revolution) unite with The Zero beyond zeros!





Zach Irvin is an American Mystic


An Emissary of Absolute Freedom for All by Karilaz Rudhsós


Last century saw the rise and fall of many totalitarian regimes: among them, there was one illuminated by the rays of the sun of ancient Vedic knowledge; and promised its people to lead them into a golden age that would last for 1000 years — but it lasted only 12 years of struggle — because it was not illuminated by the whole sun of knowledge, but only for the green rays of its dark side: the death side. And naturally death can only last for so long in the fight against life, and life triumphed and will always against death.

Nowadays among its revivalists, that are [largely] nothing but political monsters wanting to restart the death system to a restore point instead of abolishing it; and their detractors and enemies — the left sided head of the hydra — who are nothing but leftover spawns of a decaying religious ethos sociologically applied, posing as pious and being equally ruthless on its impositions to life; raises Azsacra and his philosophy.

Azsacra it’s a man I trust. I trust him because he has lived. I trust him because he’s a voluntary outcast. I trust him because he’s pure life, pure rebellion.

His philosophy Occupies both sides of the hydra monster, the system: [the political system, the philosophical system, the conceptual, the symbolic system], and make they devour each other with their angst to power, using solely the will to nothing. He unites ancient wisdom in a way that was never seen before due the specific conditions of our times, and rises with the noblest mission as an emissary of absolute freedom for all.

Azsacra understood well the power of death and life, the “swastikas” and put them against each other to nullify them for the spirit to break absolutely of any chain, and not just the human spirit, but the spirit of life, without any chain and system.

I highly encourage the youth to read Azsacra, because if we really want a different future, a new future, a free future; we have to start by reading free philosophy, and that’s what Azsacra is all about.

“Be free even in Absolute Freedom!”
[ Azsacra Zarathustra ]


Karilaz Rudhsós and his pupils


Karilaz Rudhsós and his dog


Karilaz Rudhsós in fight 

Prophecies for America: Azsacra’s Films by Chrys Henderson

“Bird of Prey flying high”, a single voice sings at the lowest volume possible, squeezed through the throat, struggling to escape without becoming lost. And then, the wolves. This is the opening to “Absolute Revolution”, Dedicated to Jack London, an early 20th century American writer. Then begins a video that sounds like it could easily be a Pink Floyd mini-movie. Drought, and then water. Black and white, crisp, and jarring — chaos ensues. Tilling the field.

Dropping blood into the streets. Nothing changes. Everything changes. Cycle of life — rabbits, dogs, birds, rats, humans — a majestic yet violent symphony of destruction — punctuated by love and tenderness.

But we, humans, are supposed to be wise, no? What a world we could have if Love took higher precedence than Fear! If we used our higher gifts to bring Peace! Or are we destined to destroy ourselves like any other invasive species with few natural predators?


No, these questions are not directly asked. The main soundtracks to Azsacra’s short films are often very beautiful and somber music (most by Jeff Beal), almost meant to jar you out of your safe space. There are no words, only a YES, to life, not just reproduction in the midst of wild uncontrolled violence, but the possible Paradises granted by the active shouting YES! Not just any YES, but a YES! to Life. A YES! to the grander possiblities, yes — a HOLY YES!


NO to the warring factions, the confused Ego of the Few forcing itself onto the confused Egos of the Many. Is this what Life is for — to hurt and to kill? Is this what Life is for — to hate and to maim? NO — LET US REVOLT AGAINST THIS PRISON SENTENCE! No, I mean not to melt and to cut the bars, but, I mean — WHAT BARS?!


“No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.” — Jim Morrison. Wasting it by succumbing to the atavistic serpent brain — kill or be killed, hate or be hated. Nothing but a worm — nay, lower than a worm is the person with hate in their hearts. The juxtapostion of peaceful and beautiful — yet somber — music and the clips showing violence of all stripes offers a subtle stirring. We live in a hostile universe. Death can come at any moment, from any quarter. Why must we rush it?


The Russian revolutionary anarchist (Mikhail Bakunin) said: “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and the relative dignity of an animal can be measured by its tendency to revolt.” Nature always tries to escape Death, Nature ALWAYS cries out a holy YES! to Life. Why not us? Are we Broken? Did they sell us a Lie and try to sell us the so-called “Cure”? NO! I REFUSE! I rebel against this blasphemous CURE. Our forebears said that life is a curse, and accursed maggots we are. But, NO!, I say, NO! We are LIFE, a lifting-up and not just a trampling down! We are LIFE, a delicate caress and not just a pumelling fist!


They tell us of Peace, and of Love, and… we kill them… and then pretend to honor them via empty platitudes. NO! I wield the sword of Justice and shout YES! to what is Right and Just! I spread the Fire of Compassion and Empathy! GROW, lush grasses of Love and Tenderness! Grow, that ye may CHOKE THE WEEDS OF HATE! Lest that Hate be the end of us! Away with all Systems and Systematizers! Let there be only a YES! A Holy YES, to LIFE!





Chrys Henderson is an American musician and singer
(Snoqualmie, Washington)









Guy Debord & Azsacra Zarathoustra

Guy Debord

La Domination De La Nature | La Domination De Le Vide

● “La domination de la nature peut être révolutionnaire ou devenir l’arme absolue des forces du passé.” — Guy Debord

● “Le vide est l’illusion, si ce n’est le vide vers la suprématie.”
Azsacra Zarathoustra

● “… la construction des situations remplacera le théâtre seulement dans le sens où la construction réelle de la vie a remplacé toujours plus la religion.” — Guy Debord


1954: Guy Debord lurking behind a corner, holding a knife.

● “Pour sauver le monde terrestre, il est nécessaire d’exploser absolument tout monde transcendantal!” — Azsacra Zarathoustra

● “Une action revolutionaire dans la culture ne saurait avoir pour but de traduire ou d’expliquer la vie, mais de l’élargir.” — Guy Debord

● “0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = NihillihiN!
Azsacra Zarathoustra


“Revolutionary theory is now the sworn enemy of all revolutionary ideology and it knows it.” ― Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, Thesis 124

“Any conservatism must be Annihilated! Be free even in Absolute Freedom!” ― Azsacra Zarathoustra, NihillihiN: 1, §11


NihillihiN (French and English Edition)
NihillihiN (English and French Edition)

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

NihillihiN & Over Without A Man by Azsacra Zarathustra



NihillihiN instead of any Nihil: 0 →↑← 0
NihillihiN instead of any will to power.
NihillihiN instead of any dictatorship.
NihillihiN instead of any freedom.
NihillihiN instead of every thing.
NihillihiN in place of everything!
NihillihiN —

N↑ → ↑ ← ↑N

§0. Attention! Teaching Nihil to NihillihiN can be very and very dangerous [!]

§00. Be Attentive! The secret text NihillihiN said: «The biggest coward is the Overman who creates the new Great Crowd. And therefore: any Overman is a cowardly mistake!»

§1. Any world is cowardly.
Every emperor is the coward.
All heroes is cowards.

God are but the Leader of cowardice!

§2. Id est: A coward is a man par excellence! A true coward is a man/god per se and for ever. Yes, this is true Absolutely: «All people are cowards, but are too cowardly to admit to this fact as such

§3. Absolute Vendetta! To save the terrestrial world, it is necessary to blow up the Transcendental World:

0 →↑← 0

§4. NihillihiN [TDAS] — is! — Over-Revolt against the Most Fundamental Structures. The System and the Will to Power is fundamentals of a man. But not Nihil! Nihil and Nihil to Power is fundamentals of the Overman. But not the System! The Destruction of every System and the Annihilation of any Nihil [by means of NihillihiN] is the Over Without a man. But not the Will to Power and/or Nihil to Power!

§5. N →↑← N NihillihiN is the Root of all Spiritual revolutions of the Future.
What does it mean?

1. Absolute Implacability! Uncontrollable NihillihiN destroys any «freedom under control».

2. Absolute Unpredictability! Uncontrollable NihillihiN annihilates every «operation chaos» and/or any «systemic anarchy».

3. Absolute Retribution! Uncontrollable NihillihiN exterminates any «invulnerable system» contrary to all iron rules of this «unconquerable supersystem».

Yes: 0 →↑← 0

§6. True wisdom is simply simplicity of struggle.

§7. Now only — NihillihiN! — on a real Battlefield.

§8. Out of Nothing: We are initially elected for the Absolute Revolt together with animals against any type of the System: ↑↑

§9. This millennial war not «between usurer and peasant», but: this is the zero war between the man and the Overman, as well as between the Overman and Over Without a man. To hell with man! To hell with Overman!

§10. All conservative heroes is the same subliminal slaves, a standard set of parameters of the radical Emperor. Never be at war for/in the name of the System. As well as: «Never work!»

§11. If you are still living, it means that you have already betrayed something.
You have betrayed every thing.

§12. NihillihiN! The Over Without a man! Absolute Break of the Spirit! Death against Death! Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! It comes always without any clothes and appreciative audience. Any «heroic aesthetics» and every «political heroism» is but the hidden cowardice of the «hero».

§13. From the point of view of TDAS [The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems]: There is no crime, except endless existence of the System. Id est: The only crime is the System itself and nothing more. Hence: There is no crime in the Absolute Spiritual Revolt per se and in infinity.

§14. God of the System is dead. The Devil of Anti-System is dead too. Any «political revolution» is dead per se. Every «religious counterrevolution» is dead toto caelo. All «revolutionary human ideas» is dead absolutely in bad infinity of The Same. Therefore:

The Authentic Overrevolution are Death of
any «human revolution» at once [!]

§15. Total Liberation of a man is only the Overman plus the free Beasts. Total Liberation of the Overman is only Over Without a man as well as Without the Overman, but with the free Beasts and the Overbeasts of the eternal free Spirit.

§16. In other words: Total Freedom of Over Without a man is the Life in Absolute Risk of Death Upwards against Death Downwards — Absolute Break of the Spirit in the name of a holy rebellious Yes to Life with direct protection of all forms of the Will to Life [↑↑]

§17. Absolute Freedom — is! — only the Over Without a man: →↑←

Freedom Viewed from the Right? No.
Freedom Viewed from the Left? No.
Freedom Viewed beyond the Left and the Right? No.
Freedom Viewed only: Ex Nihilo!
Out of Nothing! From NihillihiN!

§19. From the position of the Over Without a man: Revolt against the modern world is but a fairly outdated exotic illusion. It is not more than the same damned spirit of gravity in bad particulars. Why? How comes it?

§20. The modern world is the same modern Traditionalism, and any «revolutionary» Traditionalism is the same modern world of the damned political System as such. A distinction without a difference.

§21. A Tradition today — and always! — never had a real Spiritual and/or Mystic Strength:— it had only the same stupid-aggressive politics of the damned spirit of gravity []

§22. Id est: I’m sick and tired of it! Today I want to conduct Spiritual Struggle only by means of the strongest Mystic Forces, namely: to conduct mystic energy of a holy Yes to Life only Upwards Without any «dirty remainder» of human, all too human politics [→↑←]

§23. In a word, while misters doze and slaves sleep — the hidden acts of the Overman as the Over Without a man happens with lightning speed [ϟ]

§24. The Overman [Der Übermensch] is the Overdestroyer of all/any empires. He is born with this Overdestructive Categorical Imperative at once. It is absolutely free purity of the most independent Rebellion in revolutionary infinity. Without god and the devil [!]

§25. The Will to Power: «It refers to the individual’s ability to overcome any resentment to life, to overcome any temptation to posit an afterlife or another World as the value and measure of this world. It refers to the Overman’s ability to say «yes» to this life. But saying «yes» to this life entails saying «yes» to Will to Power, for this life is nothing but Will to Power.»

§26. NihillihiN: The System is always the same rapid and/or slow Death through the «will to power». It is only primitive outdated mechanism Ultimate Exploitation of all lives without exception. Therefore «Yes» to this Life, first of all, is «Yes» against any «human system» as personification of human, all too human «forced death».

§27. NihillihiN again: The Overman’s ability to say «Yes» to this Life is nothing but Life against Death, as well as: Death against Death. Id est: first, saying «Yes» to this Life entails saying «Yes» to Death of any «will to power» as «devilish projection» of the same damned System. Secondly, saying «Yes» to Absolute Freedom of the Overman entails saying «Yes» to Over Without a «man» as such. Beyond the Beyond!

§28. Only the Over Without a man — is the most pure Will to Over-Life Without a Tradition & the Traditionalism by means of Über Vs. Super or: ↑ Vs. ↓

§29. We are NihillihiN to Over-Power Upwards against Nihil to Power Downwards as well as against Tradition & the Traditionalism & the modern world accordingly. Revolt against the modern Traditionalism against/contra «Revolt against the modern world».

Only: The Revolution from within!
Only and Par Excellence: 0 →↑← 0

§31. A very perverted spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of total Betrayal. All old revolutions has finished, all new counter-revolutions has finished too but nothing has changed in the System, but nothing has changed in the Anti-System too. Also and per se:

§32. Id est: all your revolutionary and/or counter-revolutionary superideas is but the same damned systemic or/and anti-systemic things of deep spiritual disgrace. You are just the most hopelessly stupid young and old generations of the very Sustained Idiotic System of The Same.

§33. From the point of view of NihillihiN: the «will to power» is but a nervous tic of the System. The «power» is but a «political perversion».

§34. This is true Absolutely: «I thought then, and I think now, that one cannot be on the side of the concentration camps.» (Albert Camus)

§35. When every thing becomes the «will to power» — the Will to Life is dead, any thing is dead.

§36. The world was the System. The world became a Tradition. The world has become the same System. Nothing has changed in the damned spirit of gravity! Therefore now any real honest revolt against the modern world is Absolute Revolt against the modern traditionalism and Tradition as such:

0 →↑← 0

§37. The «will to power» as the political Absolute is Absolute Treachery of real Enigmatic Life and Secrets of the Eternal Rebellion. A highest revolutionary Enigma is only a holy rebellious Yes to Life! The unstoppable Will to Life as the Absolute Revolution in infinity: →↑←

§38. Yes, sometimes — you can kill the Nihil, but NihillihiN by means of the Shunya Revolution will always Overexist. Eternally! Eternally in the Struggle:
0 →↑← 0

§39. You will never be able to stop NihillihiN:
Nihil comes back to Nihil for NihillihiN
Nihil comes back to Nihil for Over-Nihil to Power!

Nothing for No One —
Everything for None.

§41. NihillihiN is Over-Nihil to Power at Point Zero! Out of Nothing! Through the Zero! Nihil against Nihil! Rebellion of All Sacred Animals is the Absolute Revolution through 0:
0 →↑← 0

§42. Every will to power is but the same will-downwards [] Any rebellious philosophy, which becomes ideology of the System — diligently serves and feeds the same damned spirit of gravity:

§43. Never be at war for the sake of the System.

§44. Be free even in Absolute Freedom: →↑←

§45. We stand at the Turning Point [at a Magical Point Zero to Strongest Rising!] between the Will to Power Without «politics» and the Absolute Break of the Spirit beyond Death of the Overman… But, possibly, here a holy Yes to Life is already the Over Without a man. Only: the Sacred Sum of all lives At Once: ↑↑↑↑↑↑ …

§46. The Rebellious Unpredictable Future:
ShunyarevolutionShunyachaosNew Shunya Anarchies!

§47. Yes: «Civilization has turned we into desperate animals in pain.» We are nothing but Overrebellious enigmatic animals of an Absolute Pain! So be it! «These are my animals of the Absolute Revolution,» said Azsacra Zarathustra and was happy in his heart.

§48. This is the moment of an Overforce:
Any conservatism must be Annihilated!
An-NihillihiN-ated: Nihil 0 →↑← 0 lihiN

§49. It is a matter of time! Or if to be more exact — it will comes at the earliest possible date: ShunyarevolutionShunyachaosNew Shunya Anarchies: 0 →↑← 0

§50. Yes, Anarchy is the Mother of Order, but Shunya is the Mother of Anarchy and the Father of Chaos. The Shunya Revolution and the Absolute Revolution — only this two unpredictable Revolutions, strictly going one by one — one for another! — can Destroy the false damned power of the spirit of gravity.

§51. Freedom and Four Misunderstanding:

1. The unpreparedness to Freedom is liberalism.
2. The weakening to Freedom is democracy.
3. The cowardice to Freedom is conservatism.
4. The treachery to Freedom is dictatorship.

§52. Yes, «everything is an illusion», «everything is a copy of a copy», but in so doing any conservatism must be Annihilated Absolutely: 0 →↑← 0

§53. In Nihil: The system is nothing; I am everything; every thing is «I to Power» of NihillihiN.

§54. Eternal Truth is truth without truth: — eternal theft! Theft of any property in infinity… But first of all: it is theft of you. Removal of you as your «own». Removal of you without a remainder. Yeah: «Any property is theft.»

§55. Any aristocracy of the System is the same stupid aggressive crowd which always pursues or at once kills every real spiritual Rebel. It is necessary to create only the Overaristocracy of the most Rebellious Spirit!

§56. Id est: Overaristocracy of Absolute Risk against any type of the Sordid System. Overrevolt against the damned spirit of «political gravity»: →↑←

§57. It is a priority: Overaristocracy of the Spirit always destroys the aristocracy of the System together with the System: →↑←

§58. The state [and even Plato’s ideal State] is only a step for a leg of the Overman, which initially — on Over-biological level! — realizes itself only as Over Without a man.

§59. Der Übermensch / The ideal superior man of the Future — The Overman — is, paradoxically, only Over Without a man, which always wins a victory not in politics and/or history, but, first of all, in the Spirit — in the Absolute Break of the Spirit! — and only later on or simultaneously he inevitably destroys politics and changes a biological history course in the direction of total movement Upwards: →↑←

§60. The Tradition can generate only the immediately-decayed revolution and right away rotten revolutionaries. It is an eternal shame!

§61. Id est: up to now the «highest man» is but a confirmation of shame. It is deep disgrace for every true Spiritual Revolution!

§62. Therefore: only and only he — the «highest man» — is the most rare specimen of an eternal laughter of the most Rebellious Life.

§63. Yeah, exactly so: «Even on the highest throne in the world, we are still sitting on our ass. Kings and philosophers defecate, and so do ladies.» Exactly so: «neither God nor Man nor Overman». The Future is a holy rebellious Yes to Life of Over Without a man. Over Without the overman: →↑←

§64. Over Without a man = Over Without the overman [!] Contrary to all laws of causation and all human rules of the political world the mysterious Over Without a man to come soon: →↑←

§65. Very rightly said: «The Shunya Revolution = protection and revenge of the animal innocent. The Absolute Revolution, absolutely for all animals! Shunya (revolution) must destroy reality and unreality as equally as «the system».» Exactly so!

§66. Animals are the highest revolutionaries [!]

§67. Only by means of the most free, rebellious philosophy — NihillihiN! — Europe and America will come to a new form of Freedom Without of the «systems», «dictatorships» and «traditions»: →↑←

§68. NihillihiN really turn revolution Absolutely Upwards:
0 Nihil →↑← lihiN 0 = N↑N 0 →↑← 0 NN

§69. The «will to power» never creates the Übermensсh. Because: «Revolt of Life is always stronger than the Übermensсh.»

§70. The Over-man [Der Übermensch] is the biological and spiritual Masterpiece of the Will to Life created Not by the man or God, but only by means of the Over — the Over-Over… Therefore the Final Secret of the Over-man is Not the overman as «the higher political authority» and the «indispensable state», but only the Over Without a man and the «state». Only a holy rebellious Yes to Life — the Sacred Sum of Sums of all lives At Once!

§71. Nietzsche without Nietzsche, first of all, is Over-nontraceable — Nichtsnietzsche and/or an avatar of NihillihiN! In turn: NihillihiN is Highest Spiritual Set of the most dangerous hidden speeds for creation of the real Overman; and next — for creation of Over Without a man, but not «an eternal ring» of senseless philosophical chatter beyond the Absolute Risk.

Your life is your absolute absence …
but after that you will die nonetheless.

§73. It is time to begin The Shunya Revolution! I will always be on the side of the rebellious youth. Always! Against all systems, devils and gods: 0 →↑← 0

§74. Only the Overman can execute an Absolute Revolution! The Absolute Revolution of the Overman is the Over Without a man: — and always against all «human systems» as such: 0 →↑← 0

§75. Until now in the history of mankind — only! — three cultures brutally fought against each other, namely:

1. Culture of slaves (slaves of lowest level).
2. Culture of misters (slaves of highest level).
3. Culture of the Overman (the free Overrebel beyond any levels)

§76. Id est: While misters doze and slaves sleep — the hidden revolutionary acts of the Overman happens with lightning speed and contrary to all rules:
0 →↑← 0

§77. The authentic Overman is not the Nietzschean Overman, but always and only no one’s Supremacy — the Over Without a man! Over-Love is the answer. Over-Hate is the answer too.

§78. The prophecy of NihillihiN is to overcome the «nihilism» as the «system» and the «anti-system» with the help of a very rebellious Yes to Life: Even if you meet Nihil and you kill the Nihil, nothing changes:

Nihil – Nihil = NihillihiN

§79. NihillihiN is the most dangerous flash of Will to Life — an Over-life-giving pandemia of Spiritual Revolutions! This is the moment of an exorbitant Overforce! I think, therefore I am unpredictable Nihil. I rebel, therefore I am inexterminable NihillihiN.

§80. Death is always Death against Death. Without Life. Simply: Death against Death!

§81. Only Ultimate Non-fame of the Over Without a «man» as Absolute Risk has the capability to Kill a «forever impossibility» as the infinite «zero, all too zero» Future. Therefore, the Over Without a «man» shouldn’t unriddle of «dying» through the intermediary of Immortality, but should Dare to Riddle of the Creating Death by means of the intermediary of Enlivening Destruction at once [here!] …

§82. Yes! It is Absolute Death! But there — in the Center of the Maximum Death! — the Attacking Life of Death Not «dies». Eternally Not «dies» […]

§83. In Over-philosophy of Shunya [NihillihiN], Great Agressive Voids of Dharma are the empty spaces of Force between the rebellious atoms of the revolutionary Anarch-Kshatriya(s) [Shunyakshatriyas], the largest-scale «revolutionary structures» in the Shunya Brahman, that contain only Shunya/Nihil to Power. There — in the Center of Shunya — there is no Death — only Death against Death!

§84. Alas! Today even death of the devil can’t be Great Mystery. «Death of the devil» is but a tiny secret. Even the most brave demons are but a shame in the presence of the Over Without a man [!]

§85. The Original of the Devil died before Death of God. Therefore even the strongest Overman won’t help here. An infinite false human copy of a copy will be destroyed only through a sudden and instant Enigma of Absolute Break of the Spirit by means of real Over Without a man.

§86. The Yes-Sayer of Spiritual Rebellion is the most dangerous «Blowing Out» within Absolute Break of the Spirit in the direction of the Total Rise Upwards. The Future is not the «will to power», but only the Willpower in the Life-giving infinity of Over-Life where every rebellious fearless force are the strongest insight into an instinctive-Transcendental Truth of Absolute Risk: →↑←

§87. Prevent a counterrevolution! We don’t need the same old human revolutions or counterrevolutions, we need only forever young Overhuman Revolts. Rebellions from Nothing! NihillihiN: 0 →↑← 0

§88. NihillihiN is the Absolute Denial of «death»: Death against «death»! Overdeath against «death» and Death with «all deaths».

§89. I am Death during every moment. I die: — always!

§90. If we don’t destroy everything, everything will destroy us. But I have the most Rebellious Becoming contrary to all laws and rules of this world: 0 →↑← 0

§91. To be, or not to be?
Where Nihil is, there shall be NihillihiN.
Where NihillihiN is, there shall not be System.

§92. Yeah. This is true: «There’s no lack of void.» [Waiting for Godot] But this is true too: «There’s no life of existence.» [Waiting for NihillihiN]

§93. I am an unbeliever because god also are an unbeliever; — god who unbelieves in god and existence of any god.

§94. When I was born, I never was at once, and I knew precisely that I forever won’t be. I am NihillihiN. Absolute Unpredictable Freedom: 0 →↑← 0

§95. NihillihiN is Absolute Azsacramate! Only rebellious voids of permanently switching revolutions of NihillihiN are connected in series of Absolute Unpredictable Freedom: 0 →↑← 0

§96. The Absolute Revolution is, first of all, Sacred life-giving breakthrough by means of the most rebellious Spirit through all borders of human «revolutions» and «counterrevolutions», which with the help of the lowest/high politics only distort and pervert a radiant pure «mystical body» of the true Over-bright Revolt of the Spirit as a holy rebellious Yes to Life. In other words: The Absolute Revolution is pure only by means of Over Without a man… Upwards: →↑←

§97. Chaos like a squirrel in a wheel…

§98. Chaos is slavery of order, but not Freedom. No rebellious value. It is the same damned System in System.

§99. Up to now: all rational counterrevolutionary movements are subordinated chaos of the System, and all irrational revolutionary movements are subordinated anarchy of the System.

§100. Chaos is dead. Other revolutionary reference point is necessary. Namely: — New Nihil! Nihil to Power! Over-Nihil to Over-Power! Absolute NihillihiN!

§101. Only rebellious voids of permanently switching revolutions of NihillihiN are connected in series of Absolute Unpredictable Freedom: 0 →↑← 0

§102. New chaos — Shunya-Chaos! — will replace «old chaos» soon. New anarchies — Shunya-Anarchies! — will replace «old anarchy» soon. It is a must-be: ShunyarevolutionShunyachaosNew Shunya Anarchies:
0 →↑← 0

§103. Absolute Ultimatum: The Will to Power has to kill the «will to power» and to become only the pure rebellious Will to Life: →↑←

§104. The «highest man» is but a confirmation of shame. It is deep disgrace in philosophy! Only and only he — the «highest man» — is the most rare specimen of an eternal laughter of Rebellious Life.

§105. The hero is but the same average man, agressive philistine with a sharp bayonet. The emperor is but the same pompous official, superconsumer with a dictatorial baton. God is nothing but the same corrupt judge, super-super-functionary with a church book.

§106. Even at the cost of heroic ending of the white race Absolute Freedom has to be reached:
0 →↑← 0

§107. The real will to power is Absolute Freedom by means of Complete Destruction of any power and/or every system: →↑←

§108. NihillihiN
An-NihillihiN-ation of an-Nihil-ation of annihilation:
0 →↑← 0

§109. Out of Nothing: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = NihillihiN

§110. NihillihiN is the most rebellious freedom within Annihilation of all systems par excellence:
0 →↑← 0

Any praise — an insult.
Every glory — a shame.

§112. The Empire is the shit. The Emperor is the shit. Workers of the Emperor are the shits. Soldiers of the Emperor are the shits. This is the Total Shit of Traditionalism. The Absolute Hero destroys it all! The Absolute Hero annihilates all it!

§113. Yeah. Exactly so: «NihillihiN is the root of all revolutions of the Future! To kill Azsacra Zarathustra — the Ultimate Moksha!» (Anil CS Rao)

NihillihiN = RRRR + 0000

[0] Riot in every body!
[0] Rebellion in any mind!
[0] Revolt in every System!
[0] Revolution in any Future!

§115. Today only a very large number of overunpredictable Spiritual rebellions which have two highest centers — the Shunya Revolution and the Absolute Revolution — can stop the oncoming the Death. I see it all. I see it from within: — the Greatest Pandemic of Revolutions comes nearer!

§116. Imperial agressive idiots will never be able to stop breakneck speed of a holy rebellious Yes to Life! Be free even in Absolute Freedom: →↑←

§117. Absolute Freedom means the most strict discipline of the Rebellion. Overrigid!

§118. Over-Freedom as true Pre-Reality of the Overman in the most dangerous direction of Over Without a man is impossible — even! — in the Absolute Spirit, but: — only! — in Absolute Break of the Spirit Upwards: →↑←

§119. From the point of view of the Overman: There is no difference between consumers of the liberal System and heroes of the conservative Empire. They are the same standard sets of parameters of «human, all too human».

§120. The Overcoming of Nihilism is NihillihiN. The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism is a holy rebellious Yes to Life: →↑← From the point of view of The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems [TDAS]:

Nihil – Nihil = NihillihiN NihillihiN + NihillihiN = The Absolute Revolution []

§121. Yeah: be strong, but always remember: any strength is the same illusion.

§122. Not «be strong», but be very Strong and more than Strongest! Yes, it is necessary: to be not the Overman, but only the Over Without a «man»! Overessential Upwards [→↑←]

§123. The Greatest Mystery of a holy rebellious Yes to Life exists not between a Man and the Overman, but only between the Overman and the Over Without a «man». Over Without «mankind» as Without the damned spirit of «human, all too superhuman gravity».

§124. Illusion of the system is a copy of the revolution, and copy of the revolution is an illusion of the system. The counterrevolution is theft of an illusion and robbery of a copy simultaneously.

§125. It is necessary to become only forever Overpredominant — not from any morality or immorality but because it is very strongly Overliving contrary to all rules of any systems and because any rebellious Life simply is never the unpredictable Will to the most risky Life Upwards — the uncontrolled Will to Absolute Break of the Spirit! The Absolute Will to Life of the most pure Enlightened Risk without the cowardly always-systemic «will-to-power» of the damned spirit of grawity. In a word: It is That Over! It is Over Without a man as Without the Overman and Without a man simultaneously.

§126. Anti-Evola: «Ride the Tiger» — it means to betray the tiger [as Rebellion] in his Freedom to eliminate a man [as the System]. I always will be on the side of Freedom of the Tiger. Against all Systems!

§127. «Ride the Tiger»: Evola’s concept has the only perfidious purpose — to completely neutralize every young rebellion in favor of the most powerful future conservative Super-System. Every rebellious Yes to Life had to be killed with the help of the completely updated Will to Power and, respectively, by means of the strongest destruction of all most free rebellious energies. An Absolute Shame!

§128. I tell you again: «To kill the System» is basic instinct of the Overman. «To kill the Overman» is basic instinct of the Over Without a man. Obscurum per obscurius… Ignotum per ignotius…

§129. In the conditions of the inevitable Global Atomic Warfare and the Total Destruction of all Life we have to pursue a preemptive Spiritual tactic, namely: as soon as possible to blow up the highest level «Forever of the Unknown» — the infinite Space of Absolute Metaphysics! — without again-God and the again-Devil par excellence. Id est: Not the «will to power», but the instinctive Will to Life plus intuitive Life-giving Death against the Destructive Death. Not the Overman, but at once Over Without a man plus enigmatic Murderers of Death against the most sophisticated Murderers of Life.

§130. Only the Pandemic of Revolutions [NihillihiN] and the most Rebellious Life — the Overrevolting Over-Life! — can stop a pandemic of warring human Death!

§131. Any revolution is but hidden return of the same damned spirit of gravity, if it not the Shunya Revolution and/or the Absolute Revolution.

§132. As I said before: It will! It will be the strongest Spiritual combination of two very hidden and extremely dangerous lightnings of thought, namely: Overdetonating mysterious mixture of the Overman and Over Without a man! It is the most dangerous time for every Spiritual Revolution! An Life-giving Enigma of the Shunya Revolution and the Absolute Revolution beyond any system and in infinity… Absolutely unpredictable Spiritual Revolts beyond the beyond…

§133. NihillihiN is the most risky travel through the Death with the aim of achieving new and new forms of Absolute Freedom. In other words: that is the most brave revolutionary idea of the Will to Life where every unpredictable non-system Zero is the most Horrific Hero… the most enigmatic Overnumber of a holy rebellious Yes to Life: 0 →↑← 0

§134. NihillihiN is the Absolute Revolution beyond the beyond. The most fearless rebellious freedom always wins against the wisest dictatorial brain: →↑←

§135. No matter between whom a choice has to be made — between god or the devil. We choose every time between two scoundrels.

§136. Exactly so: «What is real is rational, what is rational is real» [Hegel]. Human thinking developed as a result of the human fear between rational and Superrational; and therefore to stop this cowardly thinking only the Inhuman Horror can — between irrational and Overirrational!

§137. This is true: «The Over Without a man will also conquer and supersede the Universe as unique soul in even special Universe!» The Over-in-Itself! Neither God, nor Man, nor Overman, but: — only! — the Over Without a man through Absolute Break of the Spirit! In a word, there’s not a «shred of evidence» that the final Overman is not the Over Without a man — The Purest Über: Ü →↑← Ü

§138. In the development to Over Without a man by means of the Overman as well as in the development to the Over-Nihil-Force [NihillihiN] with the help of the Overwill [Shunyawill or Nihilwill] the isolate psyche [A holy rebellious Yes to Life or The Yes-Sayer] must move beyond spacetime — through the Absolute Break of the Spirit! — to the position of the pure Light Without admixture of Lucifer and even Without admixture of God. Strongest Side of The-Yes-Sayer and/or The-No-Sayer beyond all sides and beyond all «beyond(s)»… Only:
0 →↑← 0

§139. Any system to the same extent does mister and the slave by the slave, even if «he does not fear death since he does not see his identity dependent on life». And what then? What then is Freedom of the Overman? — An endless «Struggle to the Death» as Absolute Break of the Spirit by means of the Shunya Revolution and only in the direction of the Absolute Revolution, which turns the Overman into Over Without a man:

§140. Only NihillihiN by means of mysterious Amor Fati through enigmatic TDAS — The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems! — is the most risky Transcendental Joker at Secret Poker of the Absolute Revolution.

§141. To become Stronger: again and again and again … always contrary to all rules of the human world! To go incessantly forward only by means of Shunya to Supremacy and through the Will to the most rebellious Life Upwards… by own force of Absolute Risk: →↑←

§142. Only NihillihiN and is the inexterminable Yes-Sayer [Der Ja!-Sager] by means of the enlightenment Emptiness — The Greatest Enlightenment! — and intuitive-instinctive Amor Fati, namely: Absolute Break of the Spirit!

§143. In a word: The most risky Yes-Sayer of enigmatic Amor Fati is the most unceasing rebellious holy Yes to Life all along the line of Overrise Endlessness — Only Upwards! — Not coming to an end forever: →↑←

§144. Absolute NihillihiN is House of Cards Collapse of the System!

§145. Even the Strongest System is but a house of cards in eternal game of the life-giving Destruction: — Amor Fati NihillihiN! Any political «will to power» is nothing but temporary «forced illusion» against the infinite rebellious Will to Life.

§146. Only when there is the NihillihiNYes-NihillihiN! — and brave Shunya to Supremacy, then there is the Absolute Revolution. Only when NihillihiN arrives completely and Absolutely, all systems collapse Forever […]

§147. NihillihiNJa-NihillihiN as Über-Amor-Fati! — are Eternal and lucid Revolutionary Overmoment of a holy rebellious Yes to Life in the name of Absolute Overfreedom. The Absolute Triumph of The Yes-Sayer: →↑←

§148. Nascent revolutionary things and rebellious processes are just beginning. In the long run It will come when It comes… Uncontrollable NihillihiN! Complete Overnegation! Absolute Overcoming of «Nihil as the System»! Overtask Oversolution!

§149. And then — as the result of NihillihiN‘s successful intuitive Overthinking — all the System’s conservative «counter-revolutions» of the damned spirit of gravity collapsed like a house of cards […]

§150. Eternal Rebellious Life always will find a way for Over Without a man. It is Overrevolution Calling! Time for an Absolute Revolution! Any conservatism must be Annihilated! An-NihillihiN-ated! Tomorrow only belongs to NihillihiN.

§151. Just task and solution: I have no strong advantages. I have no power centers and additional forces. I have no secret secondary reinforcements. But nevertheless… I will win a victory contrary to everything. And then, laughing, I will destroy a Victory itself! And at once thereafter: — I will die. I will exterminate myself. Without any regret.

§152. At first the NihillihiN has come, and then: «Zarathustra began to go under».

§153. I again tell you: A mystery of Shunya always wrapped in an enigma of Anarchy and the secret of Chaos. Anarchy is but the Mother of Order, but Shunya is the Mother of Anarchy and the Father of Chaos par excellence. Neither Anarchy, nor Order, nor Chaos without Shunya can’t win against the Absolute System, which constantly changes as the same damned samsara of the same intolerable gravity [post-karma].

§154. Only when Shunya Revolution is ours — the System lose one’s all! And further we Overintuitively go in the direction of the most Impossible Thing — in the direction of the Absolute Revolution as such and for good. And already totally further: from the Overman to Over Without a man with the help of a pure rebellious Yes to Life only and only Upwards: →↑←

§155. The Shunya Revolution is NihillihiN as the Oversum of any Nihil and every Nihil to Power. Nihil to Power in the direction of Over-Nihil to Over-Power: 0 →↑← 0

§156. Only the world Shunya Revolution [as the Sum of all Spiritual revolutions at once] can stop continuous return of the same «political, all too political world».

§0. Therefore after the Shunya Revolution: ― the Absolute Revolution is not the revolt of the Overman, but only the Absolute Rebellion of Over Without a «man» and Without the «overman» simultaneously: →↑←

§00. However, in spite of everything: While misters doze and slaves sleep, today hidden revolutionary acts of the Overman happens with lightning speed:

0 ϟϟϟ →↑← ϟϟϟ 0