Futu Muhu festival’s Communication Manager Helen Merila (HM) is having an ongoing web-interview with Andrei Azsacra (A) and here are some snippets of it.

Andrei Azsacra or Azsacra Zarathustra or A is a Russian rebellious thinker, filmmaker and poet-mystic. The creator of philosophical concepts The Shunya Revolution, The Absolute Revolution, Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism, TDAS (The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems), NihillihiN, Übernoumen, Over Without a Man etc.

HM: Can you tell about the project you will be presenting this year in Muhu?

A: Yes, of course.

HM: So you will be presenting the film Utopia in the festival, right?

A: Utopia and MATE IN 3 (Chess With Death) — it is my main film!


HM: I have heard that among other themes you are inspired by Nietzsche’s philosophy and the main trigger for both these pieces seems to be the global violence and maltreatment of animals (one of the issues that also struck Nietzsche). What is the main impulse behind these two films?

A: No. It not so, or rather not exactly so. I never am inspired by people. I am the most ruthless enemy of Nietzsche and others… Draconian ) This movie is just an old debt of Eternal Pain. I am a cogitative fighter of the attacking Void, and nothing more. For no one.

I am not a philosopher, but the destroyer of all philosophies and any theoretical systems. I am not a rightist, but the destroyer of all right-wing ideas. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. In equal measure I deny every order and every chaos as well as I absolutely deny any “human negation”. Why? I wish to be only a Yes-sayer in the most rebellious infinity of an intuitive Yes to Life.

HM: Hmm.. can we really ever be sure that we are not inspired by anyone? Even subconsciously? Btw this is my dream to get rid of the influences of others to become across myself, get rid of the ego. But is this really possible? With which means can the constructed reality be beaten?

A: Is everything an illusion? Yes, everything is an illusion of an illusion, everything is a copy of a copy, but only you alone will die in reality.

Nothing on Nothing: Believe nothing. Nothing is true. Nothing is real. Nothing matters. But the bird will always kill the Buddha, if the Buddha replaces a bird.


HM: I absolutely agree that everything is an illusion and that we know nothing or rather are mislead by false knowing so the only solution would be to deconstruct everything down to nothingness. But the question remains — how can this illusion be overcome? With which means?

A: It is necessary to break every system as politics and continuation of any type of thinking (philosophy par excellence). After that to destroy every body and, first of all, our brain. We shouldn’t wait for spiritual enlightenment, but force satori to kill samadhi, and samadhi to destroy satori (Dragons of Horror kill dragons of fear). And it at every moment of existence of time and space… The most active strategy of the Enlightenment For No One and For None. Beyond the Beyond!

Rebellion is best Wisdom in your Body! The Absolute Break of the Spirit! Thus Spoke Zarathustra: “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

HM: OK I totally relate to that but what can actually be done (besides spreading the word via art and literature)?

A: The Absolute Revolution: 0 →↑← 0 There are no folks. There are no free people — only slavish masses per se. High and low. Masses is created for (geo)political ideas which devour masses. There and everywhere! Not new spaces, new live bodies are a Great Meal of geopolitics. Hot endless food for rotten thought and fetid power of bastards. Folks is but a hot meal.

HM: Do you think that one person can cancel or win over the whole cultural history full of mistakes?

A: Yeah. Exactly so. The true rebel doesn’t need any folk (crowds, masses etc.). He is itself: — and god, and soil, and race. Real enlightenment are rebellious satori/samadhi against all “human definitions” — Enlightened Anarchy!

In point of fact there is no human history: bastards at the beginning, bastards in the middle, and bastards at the end. Therefore we don’t need predictable systemic heroes, conservative politicians and government thinkers. We need only forever rebellious overunpredictable beings and essences. Contrary to all rules of the damned spirit of “political gravity”!

It is inevitable that the New System of strongest dictatorships will beget absolutely unpredictable spiritual revolutions as well as the most hidden permutation of all rebellious particles at once.

In other words: three deaths inevitably create premise for the Absolute Revolution: — death of humanism/love, death of justice, and death of freedom. It is a battle for Absolute Freedom — any conservatism must be annihilated!

Not the devil, but the lackey (холоп) is the most executive and industrious murderer on a mass scale. I don’t love the devil. I don’t love demons. I don’t love god. I don’t love angels. I don’t love people. I don’t love heroes. I don’t love cowards. I don’t love!

Plakat_MATE IN 3_2_BIG

HM: What do you mean by Intuitive Yes to Life? When is it possible?

A: A rebellious intuitive Yes to Life against all rules of “will to power”. The conservative “will to power” as the political dictatorial Absolute is Absolute Treachery of real Enigmatic Life and Secrets of the Eternal Rebellion. A highest revolutionary Enigma is only a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life! The unstoppable Will to Life as the Absolute Revolution in infinity…

He, who make an unceasing brave attack from within Death versus Death by means of the most dangerous point of the Zero to Power in Shunyarevolution, — really operates The Absolute Revolution with the help of a strongest holy Yes to Life in infinity…

Id est: The quintessence of a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life is the Absolute Revolution as the Will to Life against any type of the state as such and against every type of “power” as the very same damned “spirit of gravity” per se. Imperial agressive idiots will never be able to stop breakneck speed of a rebellious intuitive Yes to Life. Therefore I speak: be free even in Absolute Freedom!

HM: Your work has been published in different countries. How has your practical philosophy or magic of thought been perceived in different cultures? For example if you compare the United States and India?

A: Here is three different opinions:

“Ideas are dangerous… Azsacra Zarathustra’s philosophy is not for any hypocritical movement. It’s more like occult science which experiments on our minds…” — Raju Parulekar, a legend in Indian journalism

“Perhaps Azsacra changes per the observer, like an electron being everywhere and nowhere or behaving like a particle and a wave simultaneously. He is like a gateway, doorway, or portal, a physical and metaphysical thing all at once. He is right here, rooted in the wall of our world, and yet, he is simply a portal to somewhere else. You can see the other side through the doorway…” — Thomas Fortenberry, an award-winning American author, editor, reviewer, and publisher

“It is quite possible that a lobotomy would cure this evil Overthinker. Perhaps, to kill Azsacra Zarathustra — the Ultimate Moksha.” — Anil CS Rao, an Indian artist and writer

Helen Merila

Helen Merila