«I am not a philosopher, but the destroyer of all philosophies and any theoretical systems. I am not a rightist, but the destroyer of all right-wing ideas. I am not a leftist, but the destroyer of all left-wing ideas. In equal measure I deny every order and every chaos as well as I absolutely deny any “human negation”. Why? I wish to be only a Yes-sayer in the most rebellious infinity of an intuitive Yes to Life.»

Azsacra Zarathustra, NihillihiN

One of the most preoccupying aspects of modern times is the naturalized need to impose the noumenic concept as replace of the very phenomenic reality; this is: the need to put tags in everything that is perceptible, but mainly and firstly in ourselves.

We enjoy to define what we think “we are” from our preferences, our external appearance, likes and interests in socially defined tags and make them pass as if they were a totally plastic and inorganic “US”.

Many groups of post-left theoric perspectives have tried to sweep ideological binarisms imposed in the collective by the ideological-metaphysical machinery of oppression engrained in the society’s collective consciousness; believing naively that oppression ends eradicating old social imposed tags and imposing new ones created by reivindicative groups. But that is not the case, being that if there isn’t a well needed epistemic consideration of their own intentions, they incur in a conceptual trasvaluation, instead of a complete liberation of the subject from noumenic tags. Moreover they neglect and ignore the true enemy, that is not what is imposed collectively itself, but rather the system that impose what is imposed.


With the ever growing social unrest and political-economic chaos of the global stage; arise new types of resistances against all impositions. We could define these resistances as expressions of an individual and collective spirit chained by piles of limitations.

This spirit, on its rage against repression, seeks to destroy an inhumane system of exploitation and death, nevertheless, I’m afraid that without a good meditation on: “What comes after the destruction of the system?”, we could fall into a posteriori instauration of a new system with just a different ethos.

The real liberation can only be found seeking to destroy every limitation that chains the freedom of every being, not only human, but any living being. Not in a system, but in a free way of living in a becoming without any ideal that only yells: Yes to Life.


I have studied Azsacra’s material since some time ago, and I think of him as a very cultured person, always looking to acquire many types of knowledge, or “Weapons” as he calls it, against the system.

I could not classify him into a left-right political binarism, being that the true polarity abolition doesn’t encroach to the sides, but rather upwards, in the shape of ideological transcendence.

I have seen him take aesthetic elements from here and there, but without soaking himself on what those elements represent. Azsacra takes the weapons of Fascism to destroy Fascism, and those of Communism to destroy Communism. Id est: Azsacra’s TDAS is the Theory of the Destruction of All Systems! Without exception!


Unlike other critical authors from the XXI Century, I would say Azsacra has an advantage of not being married to any ideological perspective, and this makes him more effective on its goal; which is the eradication of the “System” itself (understood as oppression of any kind), since he doesn’t have to be ideologically attached to any conventionalism. In other words, it is Zero-criticism/Anti-4, or against 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

If I do this kind of reviews on his material, it’s because I think is relevant, in so as much Azsacra digest perfectly a synthesis of a lot of knowledge, that being not understood through his own “shock” philosophy, would take a great amount of effort amalgamating itself in our own minds through unaccountable reading and experience.

Again, I recommend vastly the reading of his philosophy. Not as much as an evangelic intent, trying to convert and subdue ideologically into his perspective, but rather to get to know another window on which we could see the same global outlook with different eyes.

Plakat_Tabula Rasa_LITTLE


Karilaz Rudhsós is a Mexican nihilist, anarchical thinker, free fighter. Rudhsós was born on 22 March 1988. Was studying at Universidad de Guadalajara (Estados Unidos Mexicanos).

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