Our era is the era of the death of Humanism. The death of humanism is the death of the Poet. The form a fearless intuitive soul is only capable to betray.

The talented young Indian poet Sumirasko has died in this most tragic point of time. He has died before a new world war and the atomic destruction of the world! He has died courageously and without prayers.

Sumirasko had a presentiment of Death and therefore hurried to protect and justify Good, as contrary to an evil century full of cowardly writers and indifferent modern literature.

I am sure that his death is sacrificial and symbolic! The death of the poet against humanistic death! Or, if to speak more precisely, this is a literal death and literary warning to all of us: if you don’t support good, love, and justice, then these fragile, “mysterious things” will be forever destroyed.

Yes, the new aggressive human evil, really, comes nearer. The world precipitously becomes cruel and forces out words of good too helplessly and poems of compassion too late.


Sumirasko has tried to reflect this inexpressible grief by means of literary synthesis of the thoughts of different writers and humanists in his latest book, under the title A Treatise on Human Nature.

From the point of view of Sumirasko: the Justification of the Good ― it is not an “outdated condition,” but always the New Categorical Imperative of every true Rebellion from within.

Sumirasko has completely supported Leo Tolstoy’s conclusion: “I am seriously convinced that the world is ruled by complete lunatics.” Here is another quote that is also appropriate: “If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear.” (Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961)

Sumirasko is dead… but not from fear. It is the sudden rebellious death of young heroic heart ― Absolute break!

Yes, dear brother, I accept your deadly warning. I will always remember your poetry and feel your pain. And I will continue the incessant and uncompromising struggle against the inhuman, lying, dictatorships of this world, as well as against those bastards-governors who want new world war and millions of new corpses. Any “aggressive conservatism” must be Annihilated!

Its lies stifle life!

Azsacra Zarathustra (2018)


A poem for Sumirasko

Redder than blood
But just as unmixed with water
Cinnamon sits atop my tea
Floating, swirling, thinking
Like the words of your poetry
Gently brushing the top of my soul
But that hot water burns
Deeper and deeper
The meanings of your thoughts
Sink, like honey
Through the murky layers
Nothing to see
But everything to taste, to savor
And just like a cup of favorite tea
It is always time to enjoy another sip
Of your words, your soul

(Thomas Fortenberry, 2018)